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TRIKKE™ On CBS, Saturday, Nov. 1st
Electric Trikke Tribred Race

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The newest TRIKKE™ carving machine, the Tribred, will be featured on CBS this Saturday, Nov 1, 2008. This is NOT the infomercial! In the Tampa, Florida area it will air on channel 10, WTSP at 2pm. This is a feed from CBS so your local station may not air the show on the same day or time. You'll need to check your local listings. The listing will be "Mountain Biking" if you're searching through your cable guide. You can also go online to your local cable company for listings. Please see the ad below.

For those of you that haven't heard Trikke has developed and released an electric conversion kit for the T12, T8 & T78. It's called the "Tribred". It's a hub motor incorporated into the hub of the front wheel and is powered by a 36 volt battery pack that mounts to the steering column and has a motorcycle type throttle that allows you to vary your speed. Top speed is about 18mph. The great thing about adding the electric kit is you can still "carve" under human power and get the same great exhilarating full body workout. The motor is optional to use once installed! You still get the great workout even while throttling because your natural motion, at least for an experienced Trikke carver, is to continue the carving action while power is applied.

Trikke Tampa is currently offering, for a limited time, a brand new 2008 T8-Air (black, blue or green) with an electric kit pre-installed* for $1099.00. We're waiving the kit installation, packaging and shipping fees! That's a savings of over $200! Supplies are limited so you need to hurry. The Christmas rush is about 3 weeks away so don't delay and order your Trikke Tribred now! For only .04 cents per charge it only makes economic sense!

- 2008 T8-Air with E-Kit pre-installed*, Limited Time Offer- $1099.00

- T8 & T78 Electric Kit Only** - $599.00

- T12 Electric Kit Only** - $649.00

* Battery mounted, new fork and hub motor installed and all wires connected with the exception of the battery power to the motor wire harness (very simple connection). This will prevent an inadvertent powering of the unit during shipment.
** Trikke models T12, T8 or T78 sold seperately. The E-Kit's will retro-fit on older T12's and T8's. Only recommended with rubber air (pneumatic) tires on all three wheels.

We currently do NOT have the Tribred or eKit listed on our website (www.TrikkeTampaStore.com). We have the eKits in stock but have waited to become more knowledgable on this newest product so we can properly support our VALUED customers. We hope to have it listed in the next few days. PLEASE feel free to call us for more information or to place your order! Your new Trikke T8 Tribred will ship within 3 business days.

Trikke Tribred on CBS

Tribred Product Features:

  • Front wheel drive hub electric motor
  • Power: 250W
  • Voltage: 36V
  • 3x 12V-9Ah sealed AGM lead-acid batteries
  • Brushless geared 10” or 12” hub motor
  • Full charging time: 5 hours (Aproximate)
  • 30 minutes kit installation
  • Range up to 12 miles depending on terrain, rider’s weight, riding mode.
  • 2 riding modes: economic (12mph) and turbo (18mph)
  • Total weight: 54 lbs
  • Electric assisted ride
  • Extra pockets bag
  • Extra battery pack available: replacement time 3 minutes (Price- $120)

Trikke Maintenance Note: 
Don't forget, you must add air to your Trikke tires about every 10 to 14 days.  It's imperative that your tires are at least 80psi! We actually ride with 95psi in the rear wheels and 80psi in the front. This will give you a bit more performance and ease of making go.

Happy Carving and we hope to see you at our Trikke events!



Andy Clark

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  All riders ride at their own risk.  Read all safety information in your owners manual. It is recommended that you wear a helmet and any other standard safety gear.  It's the law that riders 16 and under wear a helmet.  TRIKKE Tampa is not responsible for any riders in anyway.  TRIKKE Tampa is simply trying to encourage Trikke owners to get out and enjoy their fun fitness machine. 

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